1.1 Design and DraftingDesign and Drafting

Welcome to Worldwide Drafting, a part of the Global Drawing Network Group. We have 2 offices 1 located in Brisbane, Australia and 1 located in Surat, Thani, Thailand.

Having just been created, we do bring together years of experience with a qualified and expanding team of staff. Our aim is to generate long term partnerships to support individuals, Small and Medium sized organisations, and large multinational corporations.

We put a strong emphasis on providing: Reliable service Highest quality level of service possible Shortest response time to your enquires An understanding of your needs and requirements Where possible, we work around the clock to assist in meeting tight deadlines. We are able to assist you with CAD services such as 3D Modelling, 2D Drafting, Rendering and Animation.

Where 3D modelling is used there are a lot of other options then available to you if the needs are required at a later date. We provide realistic images, animation or walk throughs, parts books etc. for printed or Web based use.

Detailed Design Drafting 3D and 2D 3D Printing and Rendering, our staff have a board range of 3D and 2D skills with many years of experience in varied backgrounds. Currently some of the software being used, Autodesk: Inventor, Autocad, Autocad Electrical, Navisworks, 3D Studio and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. We have many years of history and experience in drafting in CAD going back to the mid 80’s. Prior to that some our staff were also traditional drafters who worked on the drawing board. We are just more than CAD operators. Our drafting capacity is backed up by trade, tertiary qualifications and experience. We are aware that attention to detail is important and is based on the complexity of the part being drawn and the intended output required. Our goal is to take pride in producing high quality drawings that are accurate, clear and easy to read. Adopting standards and customisation is one way in which we strive in producing consistent drawing styles that meet both your standard and quality requirements. Our primary base standard used is AS1100. We also do work with many different standards either from the client’s perspective or global consideration.

Our staff have experience in the following industries Automotive, Document Writing and translations, Electrical power supply, Electronic Circuit Board Design and manufacture, Gas and Oil, Maintenance, Mining and Exploration, Petrochemical, Process Plants, Resource Companies, Refining, Telecommunications, Inventors

3D Printing, Rendering and Animation 3D Animation, 3D perspective, 3D Printing, Rendering and Animation can give all stakeholders a better perspective of what is being designed or created. Enabling all stakeholders to better analyse, evaluate and test their virtual prototypes. Prior to the commencement of a real prototype or production run is scheduled. Time and money can be saved advantage as well as producing a quality product for your company and your customers.